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Hurricane Matthew Update

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Many of you, our wonderful supporters, have contacted us to ask how Haitian Roots families are doing in the aftermath of the deadly hurricane.  We are grateful to share the news that our orphanage and school were undamaged and we have not had any loss of life. We have had damage at some of the homes, and one family in particular was hit very hard (see below). Now as clean-up begins, cholera is again spreading very quickly.  This is a big reminder to us of the importance of education.  Many who lost their lives in the hurricane, we are told, did not believe when they were told that they needed to take their belongings and evacuate.  Many who are losing their lives to cholera do not have a basic understanding of how it is spread, what they need to do to keep safe, nor what to do when symptoms begin.  Thank you so much to all of you who are helping Haitian Roots to break the poverty cycle by providing high-quality education.

Christelle Saintyl.  This is 14 yr old Christelle. Although she and her family moved to Les Cayes a few years ago, she and her mother have been making the 7 hour drive by taptap back to Port au Prince twice per year with report cards and proof of attendance so that she can receive her scholarship.  The Saintyl family lost their meager home and possessions in the hurricane.  Thanks to support from a donor, Haitian Roots will be able to help the family a little extra to get back on their feet.  And, thanks to her sponsor who holds a breakfast fundraiser each spring to help keep her in school, Christelle is able to have hope for her future through education!

The Haitian Roots Academy is doing great! School was not in session last week because of the hurricane, but they are there in our lovely new building this week.  The teachers and children are working hard and love the new building.  We have lots of children in need of sponsorship.  Members of Haitian Roots will be in Haiti this week to get updates on the 60+ new children who started the academy this year.   Thank you so much for your sponsorships, for your donations, and for helping to spread the good news of education.  Visit Haitian Roots to learn more about child sponsorship and begin changing a life today!

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