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Hope Remains at Haitian Roots Acadamy

Updated: Jul 8

Another school year is in the books for Haitian Roots Academies. Despite the escalating gang violence and political unrest in Haiti, our schools have remained open and continue to be a safe haven for children. More than 3 million children are currently in need of aid in Haiti. This is why we are more committed than ever to continue providing exceptional education, stability, and safety for our students.


As the infrastructure in Haiti continues to deteriorate, we are working to advance our Academies. The video below demonstrates the hope that remains at one of our academies in Haiti as students sing in their native language. The song they are singing is meant to express reverence for God's creation. Violence ensues all around their lives, yet our teachers keep teaching and students keep showing up, ready to learn and expand their future. Hope remains at Haitian Roots.

We have recently announced a change to our sponsorship program which has become necessary due to safety and logistical issues in Haiti, among other challenges. We have discontinued the sponsoring of specific children and will be using all donations to keep as many children as possible enrolled in our schools. This decision has been made after many months of debate and discussion with our board of directors, and our teachers and staff in Haiti. What this means for our donors:

  • All donations WILL continue to support Haitian children in our academies.

  • Donors will NOT be connected to nor receive updates on a specific child.

  • Updates WILL continue to be posted to and emailed to donors with images, photos, and other updates about the schools and students in general.

  • Donation WILL be used to keep Haitian Roots Academies open and educating up to 500 children.

Donors can sign up to give a monthly or annual donation at or can give a single, one-time payment. We greatly appreciate the generous support of or donors over the past fifteen years. We are committed to continuing fighting for the children of Haiti.

Please contact us using the form at with questions about our recent changes or to gain more insight into the current conditions in Haiti.

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