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There is virtually no access to free public education available to children in Haiti. It can costs upwards of $600/year for a child to attend school. The majority of Haitian families live on less that $500/year and eat only one meal per day. This makes education a distant dream for most children.

Prior to the earthquake of 2010, only 50% of children were enrolled in school. That number has lowered dramatically since that time. The Global Campaign for Education's report, "Back to School? The worst places in the world to be a school child in 2010" shines light on the lives of the children in 60 of the poorest countries on earth. Out of these, the 60 most impoverished countries, Haiti ranks third from the bottom as the worst place to be a school child. The only two countries who fared worse than Haiti are the African nations of Eritrea and Somalia. Many factors impacted this report, but, as Haitian Roots has known since our inception in 2005, the main reason that children in Haiti are not receiving an education is because their family simply cannot afford it.

Education is the greatest tool that we have to break the poverty cycle. Children who go to school and learn are healthier, better-nourished, and live longer and more prosperous lives than those who are excluded. When children attend school they become aware of their own potential in the world, and are equipped with the life skills necessary to make informed choices and live well in society.

Haitian Roots offers supporters the opportunity to sponsor the child of their choice through a scholarship of $300/year or $25/month. Sponsors and children enjoy building a relationship through photos and letters. Some of our sponsors have even had the opportunity to join us on volunteer trips and have met "their" children.


Our School

From Vision to Reality

On October 6, 2014 a dream of Haitian Roots came true when we opened our very first Academy. The school is located in Tabarre just outside of Port au Prince. It serves 150 children from kindergarten through sixth grade. We are so excited for this opportunity to truly ensure that our children are not just getting an education but are getting a great one!

The Haitian Roots Academy employs highly qualified, experienced, energetic, and happy teachers who love what they do. We are working to implement a food program to ensure that our kids are being well nourished physically as well as mentally.

We are grateful to all of those who worked so hard to help train teachers, develop curriculum, furnish the school, donate supplies, and support us financially. We continue to need help each month to be able to keep this wonderful school running.

We also have a beautiful 8 acre plot of land in Croix-des-Bouquets where we plan to open additional academies in the future. Your support is crucial to our success. Thank you!

Make a donation to our school or contact us about other ways you can help.


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