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Haitian Roots students and teachers
Our Mission

Haitian Roots Mission

Haitian Roots is a nonprofit organization committed to protect and empower Haitian children who lack access to quality education. We believe education is the most powerful tool to transform Haitian society.

There is nearly no access to free public education available to children in Haiti. It can costs upwards of $600 a year for a child to attend school. The majority of Haitian families live on less than $500 a year and eat only one meal per day. This makes education a distant dream for most children.

We operate academies in Santo and Delmas, Haiti. Each are licensed by the Haitian Ministry of Education and serve more than 500 students. We provide education, meals, and mental health therapy to our students with the help of more than 80 licensed Haitian staff members. 

All expenses, including teacher and staff salaries, building expenses, school supplies, uniforms, student meals, and more are all supported by generous donations. Consider donating today. Only $25 a month can help send one student to school each year. 

Haitian Students at Haitian Roots Acadamy
Haitian Roots Acadamy

From vision to reality

On October 6, 2014, the dream of Haitian Roots came true when we opened our first Academy. We were excited for the opportunity to truly ensure our students are not just getting an education but are empowered to create a better life!

Haitian Roots operates academies in Santo and in Delmas. Our teachers are trained by P4H Global who help ensure we employ highly qualified, experienced, energetic, and happy teachers who love what they do. We partner with Outside the Bowl to provide a food program to ensure our students are well nourished physically and mentally.

Support a Child's Education

  • Monthly Sponsorship

    Every month
    Sponsor a child's education for just $25/month
  • Yearly Sponsorship

    Support a child for the entire school year for $300/year
    Valid for one year

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