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June 2020 Newsletter

Happy Summer!  I hope you are doing well with the big life changes and transitions that you are going through.  I hope and pray that you and the kids are thriving and happy!

Chareyl talked to me about a conversation that the two of you recently had.  She told me that you expressed interest in getting more involved with Haiti again.  We know you're going through a lot so please don't feel any pressure at all when we ask you the following!  But we just wanted to reach out to get your feelings on a couple of things.

We recently had some turn over on our board.  It is definitely for the best because these members weren't a great fit with the rest of the board.   But, we did lose some help.  Also, Jason (my husband) has been all-things-tech for us, but between his various jobs (he started a company with his cousin a couple of years ago) and also for the stability mine and his relationship, it has been better for Jason to take a step back from Haitian Roots.  He still helps with the website when I put the heat on, but we're happier with him taking a step back.  He was really interested in just helping a few kids get through high school, not really trying to run schools and educate hundreds of kids.  :)   Anyway...maybe that is TMI...

But, that leaves our organization really lacking when it comes to technical things.  For example, our website really needs to be updated on a few pages.   Also, you may have read the newsletter and/or talked to Chareyl about our goal of opening a second Haitian Roots Academy this Fall.  We have some really great possibilities of people/businesses that we want to approach to ask for their support.  And we have a lot of great content to share with them.  One man said, "I really just want you to put together something simple like a 6 slide power point addressing *this *this *this that I can share with my business partners."   This man and his group represents possibly A LOT of money.  Regrettably, I don't even know how to create a powerpoint presentation.  My kids do.  But not something that would look really professional.  I can come up with the content, but don't know what to do from there.  

Our goal would be to come up with a presentation that can be easily customized to the individual, organization, or business that we want to share it with. So...with your talents, skills, and your passion for Haiti in mind, we thought we'd reach out to you to get your thoughts about possibly helping with this.

If this is not the kind of way you imagined getting more involved, then no worries!  Or if its just not the time yet.  No pressure.   But we for sure wanted to let you know that if there is anyway that you are interested in being involved with Haitian Roots...WE WANT AND NEED YOU!  :) :) :)

-Shannon Cox

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