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New School This Fall

Did you know that over 120 students attending the Haitian Roots Academy have to travel over 2 hours each way to attend school? Some of these students are as young as three years old! We are so proud of the students and their parents for their dedication. But this is not an ideal situation.

An extremely generous donor has given us a house in an area called La Plaine. It is on a peaceful road with its own well for clean water and fruit trees! We are so excited to be able to service these children in their own community, as well as many others there! There are so many great things to look forward to as we expand! For example:

* We will be able to reach out on many different levels to the community and help strengthen them. * We will have spots opened up at our current location and will easily be educating 450 children next year! * We will be providing additional jobs and training these professionals to become better educators to empower the rising generation.

Wow! We are so amazed and humbled!

Haitian Roots is extremely grateful to our partner organization, Haiti School Project, for helping us to convert the current property into a school. Tim and Allan are rock stars!!! There is a lot of work to do to remodel the current structure, including adding on a second level. We need all of your support to make this dream come to pass! Completing this project in time for school to start in the Fall is a lofty goal! But with your help, we can do it! If you are interested in more information about this project and/or are willing to help us find the financial backing necessary, please email us!

The drawings have been completed, the budget is put together, we have raised a portion of the money needed for the project, and we are excited to get rolling!!!

DONATE NOW–online or:

Haitian Roots 235 East 5600 South Ogden, Utah 84405 8015298877

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