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The Joys of Rice and Beans

On a recent trip to Haiti I sat with our orphanage kids while they ate. This mixture of rice, a few beans and gravy is served almost daily for their main meal at 2pm. In 2013, when the budget was tighter, this was sometimes the only meal they received. As painful as it was to think of the kids going to bed hungry I had to remind myself that a large percentage of the population in Haiti eat only 1 meal or less each day. So many do not even have the guarantee of one meal. Our own orphanage director grew up often wondering when he would get his next meal. Going a couple days between meals was not uncommon for him and he is always so grateful that he is able to provide a daily meal for the children in his care.

This year, thanks to generous donors, our annual food budget has been covered through May of 2016. This covers a breakfast, the big lunch you see pictured here and usually a snack before bed. There are so many things to do to help give these children a chance at a good future but in the meantime they are experiencing the joys of rice and beans. Thanks to all of you who donated to make this possible!!

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