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Happy New Year!

2016 was a great year for Haitian Roots!  Thanks to YOU we were able to accomplish our goal of moving to a much larger and nicer school.  We now have over 180 children at the Haitian Roots Academy, in addition to the 80 children still in our scholarship program.  In 2016 we also..…had many of our children graduate from high school with their diplomas…partnered with Grace House to provide a counselor at the school for our children…saw many of the children from our orphanage finally unite with their new families…partnered with a company to start technical schools in the evenings at our PaP school and in St. Marc…and had some great volunteer trips that changed the hearts and lives of the children and the volunteers!  We look eagerly forward to 2017 and all that we can accomplish together!

The Haitian Roots is truly a happy place to visit.  The children are engaged, the teachers are working hard, and you can feel a sense of happiness and hope.  The picture to the right was taken as some of our youngest children were celebrating the Battle of Vertieres (the last major battle of the Haitian Revolutionary Way).  Just as their ancestors faced oppression of all kinds over 200 years ago, these children face many, many obstacles today.  But with your help, they can also be victorious in their battles.  They can break the chains of poverty through the hope and opportunities that their education is providing them.

Our needs continue to be great.  We need a food program to make sure that the kids are getting at least one meal per day.  We need a bus to ensure that our children can have adequate, safe transportation to and from school.  We need uniforms, shoes, and other supplies.  We need additional sponsors and partners who are passionate and excited about helping us to keep our existing programs running.

Please spread the word about Haitian Roots. It costs less than $1/day to educate a child like Lovens or Noah (right).  Click HERE to sponsor a child for just $25/month (or $300/year)!

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