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The Fish Mural

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Dear Friend of Haitian Roots, Thank you SO much to all of you who helped us get our new Haitian Roots Academy opened by purchasing a fish for our mural!  Rarely things in Haiti turn out how you hope they will...but this project did!  Please click on this link to go through the photos and spot your fish! If you donated after Sept 27th, that was past the due date and we'd already left for Haiti.  Regrettably we didn't have any internet access the first several days we were there so we were not able to grab those last few fish.  However, the mural was so successful and so much fun, we had to spread it to 2 walls and next time we go back, perhaps we'll wrap it around to a third so that more can join in. We hope it brings you as much joy to see your name on our little school, as it brought to the little ones who got to paint it.  Many of them held a paint brush in their hands for the first time that day.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! More photos of the school to be shared soon!


The Haitian Roots Team

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