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More Orphanage Improvements!

Be the change you wish to see in the world.    ~Mahatma Gandhi

As you may recall, five groups of contractors banded together in April. They raised funds, flew to Haiti and spent a week working hard to make some much-needed renovations on the orphanage.  Their logos are included in this post and they are soon to be listed among our corporate sponsors.

The extra money they left in our care and let us decided what we needed most.  I decided that it was finally time to make the orphanage more secure.  Due to the generous donations collected by Stevens General Contractors, Dry Creek Mill Cabinets, Dream Woods, Copper Ridge Construction and Painting and Becker Electric I was able to hire a local contractor (Fabrice at FBC) through MSAADA.  And FBC was able to build and install new iron walls, new locking gates and iron window grills.

Up until this time, at the foot of the stairs, which led up to the bedrooms, there was a lockable metal gate. This gate could be locked at night to keep sleeping children safe. The main level of the home could never be locked.

We did not feel comfortable purchasing anything marketable, including comfortable chairs or tables for studying because we did not want to beco

me a target for theft.

Now our entire orphanage can be locked-up and secured.  The back wall cannot be climbed under or over. The back and front gates lock. Iron grills were installed over some of the windows that did not have them.  This opens up many possibilities. One option we are looking into is starting a school. We would never have been able to keep school supplies in the orphanage without the ability to lock it up.

Thanks again to the generous group of contractors for their donated sweat, time and money. Thanks to many of you who have donated to help pay for food and necessities. We are just about to start our fundraising campaign for 2014. If you would like to help us feed and care for the children in our orphanage please make a donation today. Every penny you donate to the Haitian roots orphanage fund is used to pay rent, purchase food and pay staff. Thanks in advance for your generosity.

Deborah Wunderli

Haitian Roots Orphanage Coordinator

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