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Back to School Fundraiser Carnival

Join us for food and family fun at our annual back to school carnival on Saturday, Sept. 25, 2021 from 3 to 6 p.m. The carnival will be located at Forest Waters Park at 5191 Old Post Rd in Ogden, Utah.

Enjoy dinner and games, purchase Haitian Roots merchandise, and support the cause. All proceeds will be used to educate children in Haiti. We currently have two schools open with around 400 students. Funds raised help with rent, utilities, teachers and staff salaries, school supplies and other support for the students.

Haitian Roots is a nonprofit organization committed to protect and empower underserved Haitian children through education. Haitian Roots operates two academies in Haiti, licensed by the Haitian Ministry of Education, with more than 390 students. At school, the children receive education, meals, and mental health and trauma therapy from 80 licensed staff members. Haitian Roots believes that education is the key to changing Haitian society. Its financial security relies upon donations from generous supporters, with 100% of funds going toward educating the children of Haiti.

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