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Haitian girl painting a mural

We are so grateful for all of the amazing support that we have received the past 18 years! Despite Haiti facing unprecedented violence, poverty, and starvation, we’ve almost made it through another school year.

Our schools have been a safe haven for our students and staff—a place of hope amidst the increasing chaos. Haitians, by the hundreds of thousands, are fleeing their country and many aide organizations have been forced to close their doors. Haitian Roots is determined not to abandon our children in a time of greatest need!

In fact, our organization is growing and is full of hope and momentum. We have much to look forward to in the form of partnerships and plans to continue to do all that we can to help!

We have an extremely URGENT need at this time. We own our small school in Santo but, we have been renting the large school in Delmas. The Delmas school educates more than 500 students and provides 75 jobs to our Haitian teachers and staff. However, the owner of the property has decided he no longer wants to rent the building. He is going to sell it and either we purchase it or we’re out on the street.

At this time, we have no other options for where to move the school. We have worked and negotiated and searched and negotiated more. Now it is down to this, buy the property or shut down the school. Due to political unrest and gang violence we are unable to travel to Haiti to work on other options.

We are urgently giving every bit of effort, trying to knock on every door, and turn over every stone to try to make this happen. If you can donate $25 or $10,000, you will be helping to secure a place where these children will know that they can ALWAYS come to be safe, learn, and prepare for the future with hope.

Please donate today at Thank you so much.

- The Haitian Roots Board of Directors

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