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More than 2,400,000 WAX cryptocurrency donated

More than 2,400,000 WAX cryptocurrency donated to Haitian Roots from Uplift.Art and the Uplift community to further education for children in Haiti

OGDEN, UTAH – May 16, 2022 – Haitian Roots has put a down payment on a third school in Haiti with funds donated from Uplift.Art. More than 2,400,000 WAX cryptocurrency has been raised by Uplift.Art for Haitian Roots which has helped provide nutrition and healthy living for students. The funds have also been used to pay Haitian staff, and facility costs for the two schools in Haiti.

“The Uplift community has been a tremendous supporter of our cause to educate, protect and empower Haitian children,” said Shannon Cox, co-founder and an executive director of Haitian Roots. “We are completely reliant on generous donations to maintain our schools, pay our staff, and feed and educate our students. Through generous donations and fundraisers from Uplift.Art, we have made tremendous strides in growing our schools and keeping our students safe.”

"After spending time in Haiti and seeing the immense need that existed from all angles, we felt that focusing our attention in the area of education was one positive step we could make towards helping the people of this beautiful and soulful nation,” says Michael Blu, founder of Uplift.Art, “Education is at the root of a self-sufficient and empowered populace, and we are extremely honored and proud to be working with Haitian Roots to help deliver much-needed assistance to the children and families of Haiti.”

Uplift.Art has leveraged blockchain technology to ensure authenticity and rarity with collections of original music and art. Through charity art auctions, Uplift.Art has raised hundreds of thousands in cryptocurrency, which has been donated to Haitian Roots to provide education for children in Haiti.

Haitian Roots is dedicated to changing Haiti’s future through education. It can cost up to $600 for a child to attend school in Haiti each year. Most Haitian families live on less than $500 per year, making education a distant dream for most children. Haitian Roots uses 100% of the donations received for educate with no paid employees or executives. The funds donated from the Uplift community will be a tremendous help in the fight against poverty in Haiti.


About Haitian Roots

Haitian Roots is a nonprofit organization committed to protect and empower underserved Haitian children through education. Haitian Roots operates two academies, licensed by the Haitian Ministry of Education, with more than 500 students. At school, the children receive education, meals, and mental health and trauma therapy from licensed staff members. Haitian Roots believes that education is the key to braking the poverty cycle and bringing lasting change to Haiti. Its financial security relies upon donations from generous supporters, with 100% of funds going toward educating the children of Haiti.

About Uplift.Art

Uplift.Art is creating a triple-win situation for charitable projects, art collectors and artists. Using the power of blockchain to bring unique and verified genuine art of top artists to the blockchain. Art collectors can invest in a great portfolio and see it rise in value while having fun. Artists receive a fair share of profits and get in front of new audiences of art investors, while aiding and supporting meaningful charity organizations. Charitable and meaningful projects get the funds they need to use in operating and gaining visibility from a segment of individuals who bought the art and are interested in charity. Learn more at


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