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Richfield High School/Morrison Fundraiser

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

We are always excited to share the successes, inspiration, and thoughts from our supporters.  Recently the Morrison family from Richfield, UT, held a fundraiser and earned enough money to send 11 kids to school next fall.  The following article was printed in their local newspaper:

Helping Haiti

Morrison is helping with a fundraiser at Richfield High School Thursday, Apri; 25, to help children in Haiti attend school.

As the football coach at Richfield High School, Corey Morrison spends a lot of time helping youths reach their potential on the gridiron.

However, a trip to Haiti opened Morrison’s eyes to ways to help students who live hundreds of miles away who face a grim reality that is very different from what students in Richfield experience.

“The average income there is less than $500 a year,” Morrison said. He said the cost of sending a child to school in Haiti is $250 a year, which isn’t that much to people in the United States. However, for most people in Haiti, the amount is nearly insurmountable, Morrison said. As the poorest country in the western hemisphere, the Haitian government does not pay for children’s education. The result is that approximately 30 percent of the country’s youth is educated.

Morrison and his wife, Staci, visited Haiti as part of the process of adopting a child earlier this year. The Morrisons had been talking about adoption for some time when a 2010 earthquake shattered the infrastructure across Haiti.

“We just had a feeling that our daughter was there,” Morrison said. While they deal with the intricacies of an international adoption, Morrison said he wanted to do something to help other children in Haiti.

Morrison gave a presentation to RHS students April 17, asking for help in raising funds for their peers in Haiti.

“I wanted to share my experiences and let them know they have it pretty good here,” Morrison said. He said approximately 10 percent of all children in Haiti die by age five.

RHS is scheduled to host a fundraising breakfast starting at 7:30 a.m. Thursday, April 25 on the school’s football field. The breakfast is open to anyone and costs $5 a person.

“All of the money goes to the children,” Morrison said. He said donations can be made at the RHS office.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to send a lot of kids to school,” Morrison said.

RHS is located at 510 West 100 South in Richfield.

For more information, log onto, or call RHS at (435) 896-8247.

The Morrison family in Haiti with their adoptive daughter, Mara.

Corey Morrison flips pancakes for the fundraiser breakfast.

Supporters lined up to eat breakfast and help Haiti

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