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Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

The Morrison family and Richfield (Utah) High School’s National Honor Society work together each year to serve a pancake breakfast to the community, as well as RHS students.

“We really want the public to come out,” Morrison said. “There are 50 to 60 students who help with it.” He said during the past two years, the breakfast has raised approximately $6,000. This has resulted in 12 children in Haiti being able to attend school.

“We want to increase that amount,” Morrison said. “It’s not just the education. The ones who go to school also get a couple of good meals each day that they might not get otherwise.”

Morrison said in a country where the average income is less than $500 a year, less than one-third of the population can afford school.

“It’s not like here where education is free,” Morrison said.

One correlation between Haiti and the United States that remains constant, is that a higher education level generally translates into a higher income level, Morrison said.

“They key to changing Haiti is education,” Morrison said. “What I like about this charity, is that every dime goes to a school for children. It’s all volunteer.”

The fundraiser is also a way for the Morrison family to keep a connection to Mara’s roots, which is something Morrison said is important for his family.

“We hope to continue this tradition for many years to come,” Morrison said.

Cost for the breakfast is $5 per person. Students and community members can prepay for the meal at the RHS office, or pay for it the morning of the breakfast.

Community members are invited to attend the breakfast starting at 7:30 a.m.

RHS is located at 510 West 100 South in Richfield, Utah.

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