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Giving with Giftry

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Haitian Roots is very excited to announce a new fund-raising opportunity for our educational program. is a new social gifting website that will be launching at the end of the summer.  To generate excitement, they’ve agreed to donate $.50 for every person that signs up to learn more about their upcoming launch. To signup, just go to and enter your email address.  For every 500 people that signup, we’ll be able to send one deserving child to school this year ! It takes only 10 seconds or your time and we’ll receive $.50 of much needed financial support.  That’s $360 an hour!

This opportunity will only last through July so please enter your email address and then help us share the word.  If you would be willing, please let your friends know through Facebook, Twitter, Email or any way you can think of!  We want to take advantage of this opportunity and make a difference in the lives of our precious Haitian children.

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