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Extreme Makeover: Haiti Orphanage Edition

Who says dreams can’t come true? Not us! Last month many dreams that we’ve had for the orphanage came true when a group of very skilled contractors from STEVENS GENERAL CONTRACTORS generously donated their time, talents and money and traveled to Haiti to renovate the orphanage. For five straight days the orphanage looked like a scene straight out of a reality TV makeover show! Check out the pictures on the blog at

On the first day, the wheel of the vehicle (tap tap) that was carrying all the supplies back to the orphanage just popped completely off the truck. No worries! A few words are exchanged between guys on the street and within 2 hours a new tire is back on and the journey to the orphanage resumes. Because we didn’t have any supplies for a while, everyone who had gone straight to the orphanage was able to paint and the entire first level was painted in one day.

There were also two new boys at the orphanage that day. Unfortunately, our first day, was also their first day. They were dressed in their best clothes and their tear stained cheeks were a painful reminder of the desperate circumstances that exist in Haiti. How bad must it be for a mother to decide to say goodbye to her children forever?

As you can see, each day had it’s own share of obstacles, lowlights and highlights. Luckily, just like reality TV shows, we got our happy ending. The orphanage looks beautiful. The rotting, termite-damaged wood, was torn out and replaced with beautiful cabinets and doors. We assembled a climbing dome and installed a basketball hoop. We have new fixtures instead of dangling wires. We have a roof over the back of the home and last but not least, we have electricity!  Which means the potential for running water.

We are so grateful to the good people at Stevens General Contractors, Dream Woods, Dry Creek Mill Cabinets, Becker Electric, and Copper Ridge Construction and Painting. Thanks for making our dreams come true. We could have never done this without you!

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