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Lori Olson
Lori Olson

Board Member

Lori Olson lives in Lehi, Utah and has been a member of the Haitian Roots board of directors since 2018. She has two children—a son, adopted from Haiti and a daughter adopted from China.


Lori has made several trips to Haiti and worked with the orphanages there. The time she has spent on those trips and the process of adopting her sone from Haiti has made a lasting impression on her. She believes education is the key to giving Haiti’s children the skills to break the poverty cycle.


Lori has more than 20 years of experience in project management for web development and business management. She supports Haitian Roots with technological needs and website development.


Lori can often be found cheering for her children in soccer, basketball and gymnastics. She enjoys hiking and spending time in the Utah mountains. She is also taking time to teach herself to watercolor paint.

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