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Isson Joseph
Isson Joseph

Founder and Executive Officer

Isson Joseph is one of the founders of Haitian Roots and has been an executive officer since 2005. He was born and raised in Haiti and currently lives in New York City.


Isson worked in law enforcement in Port au Prince, Haiti before moving to the United States. Due to his love for Haiti it was difficult for him to leave his country but did so to further his education and career.


Isson earned a bachelor of science degree at Weber State University in computer science. He also attended Brigham Young University, where he earned a master’s of social work. He is currently a licensed counselor and loves helping other people.


Isson met the Cox family in 2005 and later the Moyes family and other families adopting children from Haiti. Their love of the Haitian people united them in a cause to break the poverty cycle through education.


Isson loves playing and watching soccer, eating Haitian street food and spending time with his wife and four sons.

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